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Just like a car, your website needs regular maintenance for proper performance.  With our website care plans, we’ll take care of all the updates and behind the scenes stuff so you can relax knowing your site is properly cared for.

Every business needs a website, and it’s important that website functions properly day in and day out. However, investing thousands in a website, only to end up with a hard to manage, poorly converting, or vulnerable website isn’t the way to do it. Your website needs to be a well-oiled machine for it to deliver the results you want. Don’t have time to manage your site yourself? We understand that there’s already plenty on your schedule, and have designed web care plans to handle all your website service and maintenance needs.


In addition to ongoing care for your website, we also offer the following services:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Management

Reputation Management & Online Reviews

Photography & Videography

Content Creation

Email Marketing


Reputation Management & Online Reviews

Graphic Design


We understand that every business has different needs. Because of that, we don’t believe in using one-size-fits all solutions for your unique situation. If you are interested in any of the services above, please contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll prepare a custom plan tailored specifically for your goals and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my website goes down, is hacked, breaks, etc?

Email our support desk ( and let us know what’s going on. The whole purpose of our website care plans is preventative care, so we hope to prevent anything from happening. However, in the case that something should happen, we’ll be there to the rescue. We cannot promise your website will not be hacked or a plugin update won’t break your site but can promise we will do everything in our power to prevent it, as well as assist in the restoration and cleanup of the website with one of our backups.

Doesn't my hosting plan include backups already?

If you’re using WP Engine it does include 30 days of site backups. In an emergency, you can contact them 24/7 at (888) 943-6054 and they can restore a backup for you if needed. In our experience, one backup is never enough to be completely safe. Servers go down, things go wrong, natural disasters strike, stuff just happens. That’s why we offer regular off-site backups in two additional locations so that you’ll always be covered.

If my website goes down, does Capulin Creative offer any compensation for loss of business?

While we do our best to prevent your website from going down, being hacked, breaking, etc., we are not an insurance company. Having a disaster recovery plan is a type of “insurance”, but does not come with any guarantees. If you require business insurance, contact your local insurance provider. While we can’t guarantee nothing will ever go wrong, or offer compensation for loss of busienss, with our website care plans, we will get your site back up and running in no time!

What if my site goes down at midnight? Do you offer 24/7 support?

We hope you understand that we are humans and not machines. We’re focused on keeping things as close to home as possible, and our team consists of U.S. based professionals that work Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM to offer you top-quality support.  For non-emergencies, you can email our support desk anytime (  For weekend and middle-of-the-night emergencies, please contact your website host company.  We recommend WP Engine for hosting, who offers world-class phone and chat support 24/7.

How often can I contact support?

The whole point of our Website Care Plans is to make it easy on you. There shouldn’t be much need to contact us for support, but we realize that the need may arise. You are welcome to contact us anytime, as often as you like, for any reason.

My website is down! What do I do?

If your website is not loading, first check to make sure this is the same experience for everyone at DownForEveryoneOrJustMe – If the website is down just for you, try clearing your browser history (cache and cookies) and reload, also checking your internet connection. If the website is down for everyone, shoot us a support ticket email, even though chances are that our website uptime monitor has already alerted us. If this happens outside office hours, call the web host directly and see what they can do to get the website back online. Chances are most likely it’s related to the following issues:

  1. Your web hosting, domain or SSL certificate has expired and bill is due for payment
  2. The web hosting is experiencing maintenance issues

Anything outside of those we will investigate to bring the site back online.

Why is my website loading slowly?

If your site is loading slowly, you may want to start by checking your internet speed with an online speed test tool.  If that looks ok, read on: Some common causes of a slow website are unoptimized images and external embedded media and ads. Full-sized images can consume a lot of bandwidth while loading. So, take time to resize your images. Take a look at the image tag – it allows you to set the height and width. Be sure to scale the photos proportionally so that they don’t get stretched or skewed. Then, consider changing image format, which can significantly reduce the file size. Finally, reduce image quality. No, that doesn’t mean making your photos look bad. It just means tweaking some simple settings. For JPG images, this is done by directly reducing the quality. In most cases, a quality setting of 80 to 90 percent will show no significant changes from the original version. And you can go even lower depending on the type of image, the detail, and the colors. For other image formats such as GIF and PNG, you can reduce quality by opting for a smaller color palette. For external embedded media, think twice before embedding someone else’s media into your site. Once you embed external material into your site, your pages will only run as fast as the host site. In other words, if that external site is having a particularly slow day, your site may run slowly too. Don’t let another site drag yours down! Whenever possible, it’s smart to host all content on your own server. Plugins may also be causing issues, as just like external embedded media, plugins can bring in resources from other websites. We can perform some investigative work to see what plugins could be causing this outside of the typical monthly website care. Reach out for a quote for evaluation and plugin cleanup.

Can you fix a problem I'm having with my website?

While we do everything we can to keep your website problem-free in the first place, sometimes things happen that are outside of our control. For example, if you install a new plugin and your website breaks, you may need us to fix it for you. If your Website Care Plan includes content update time, we’ll apply that toward fixing the problem. However, if the time required to fix the problem extends beyond that time allowance, we’ll need to bill you hourly. Don’t worry though, we’ll assess the situation to provide you with a time and cost estimate (and receive your approval) before we proceed.

What is an unlimited small task?

An unlimited small task is a content edit or CSS tweak that can be done within 30 minutes. Generally speaking, it’s something that can be taken care of directly from the admin panel of the WordPress site.

Our team is also happy to troubleshoot problems, this is included as a small task. Sometimes there are problems that can take more than 30 minutes to solve. In this case, we’ll provide a one-time cost estimate for you to approve before we complete the task. There are very few WordPress support requests that we can’t solve!

Keep in mind, if your plan does not include unlimited small tasks, we are more than happy to provide a quote to make any update or solve any problem you may be experiencing with your site.  Just get in touch and let us know what’s up! 

If I only make changes to my site a few times a year, why do I need a Website Care Plan?

Even though you may not be making changes to your website there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. WordPress CMS, your site theme and all of the plugins that are used (an average site has 5 to 20 plugins) are being continually improved by the developers. It’s important to keep these up to date on your website to ensure your site is functioning properly and stays secure.

I'm not sure which plan to sign up for. Which one is right for me?

How often do you make changes to your site? The more often you make changes, the more backups and updates you should have. If there was a problem with your site and it needed to be restored from a backup, would it be ok if it were a month old, a week old, or a day old? How much work would be involved if you had to replace any of the most recent content if it were lost?  

Can I pay annually instead of monthly?

You can, and you can get a sweet 15% discount if you do!  Please contact us for more information.

Why does WordPress need to be updated?

WordPress is software that is used to build and operate websites. As such, it needs to be updated to patch discovered vulnerabilities, fix bugs, and maintain functionality. It’s basically the same concept as your computer or your phone — you have to keep it up-to-date to protect yourself and gain new features. If you don’t, you are subject to hackers, malware and other intrusions. With Capulin Creative’s Website Care Plans, you need not worry about any of these issues because we test, install, and troubleshoot every update that becomes available for your website.

Do I have to agree to a billing contract?

Absolutely not. You can pay month-to-month at the rates shown in the pricing table and cancel at any time. When you cancel, your services will be terminated at the end of the current billing period.

Should I be updating my WordPress and plugins?

Please leave the updating to us. Website maintenance is an integral part of updating and keeping your site working properly. At Capulin Creative we take great care to first backup the website, check the website, update, then check the website again for any changes. Our software keeps a record of plugins we update so if there is ever an issue we see what plugin version was changed and revert back.   If you just update from your WordPress dashboard, Capulin Creative wouldn’t have that record. We update client sites once a month so we can take the time to devote to checking your website thoroughly. Also included on our monthly maintenance report are the performance and security scans. If in the event we ever catch a plugin issue, it becomes a support ticket and we address it for you. We also take care about which plugins we are updating and single out large updates (like WooCommerce) as its own task for additional quality control.

I got an email my website was hacked. What do I do?

If you received an email about your website files being compromised, make sure it is legit by calling your web hosting company and forwarding the email to our support team. Our next steps, as webmaster, is to reach out to your webhost about their protocol for a compromised website and a scan on their end to confirm where the compromised files are on the server. Under your website care we will restore a clean backup of WordPress, and then take note from the webhost about where the issue arose if outside of WordPress. This may mean the webhost recommending a third-party service to clean up the compromised files or additional security. The best way to prevent a compromised website is to keep WordPress and plugins up-to-date, which we do for you monthly under website care, as well as keep daily backups to restore in the event of an issue. Unfortunately just updating won’t prevent a hack 100% of the time, which is why we help work with the web host and third parties to restore your website on the event of a hack and institute security measures to prevent most known methods by hackers.

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